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Martial Arts Enterprises Inc. LogoWelcome to World Wide Dojo, brought to you by Martial Arts Enterprises. WWD is the world’s largest multi-language martial arts web site offering information on Traditional Based, Sport Based, and Reality Based martial arts. Enjoy reading articles, watching videos, reading reviews, and discovering who’s who in the martial arts, past and present. You can learn all you want to learn about martial arts on World Wide Dojo.

World Wide Dojo is not your typical web site. It is actually made up of different web sites, a site for each category, Traditional Base, Sport Based, Reality Based, Entertainment and, of course, our International site.

On the Home site of World Wide Dojo, you will find more general articles covering such topics as getting started in the martial arts, how to find the right martial art to study, how to find the right school and instructor for you, as well as general style information so you can understand the difference in the styles when your are deciding what art to study. On the home site you will also find a dictionary of martial arts terms, lists of martial arts magazines and books that you may want to buy and read to help you in your journey to learn more about martial arts.

Besides the home site of World Wide Dojo, we also have 3 sites that are topic specific. They are our Traditional Based site, our Sport Based site and our Reality Based site. Each of these sites provides information, articles, and interviews specific to those areas of the arts.

Our forth site is our International site, and it covers all of the above in different languages.

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If you have questions or need help, Dana Stamos, the owner and operator of Martial Arts Enterprises is happy to assist you. You can contact her at 775-721-9110.


World Wide Dojo receives hundreds of emails daily, many of these emails requesting that we add the attached information to We attempt to make sure that we have permission to use any information and that the information is correct and that credit is given to the proper source(s). Sometimes, however, we make mistakes. If you find information on our site that shouldn’t be here or that has incorrect credits, please contact us and we will rectify the situation by removing the information if so desired, or by correcting the credits.

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