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American Kinetica – Alpha Group are True Pioneers in the Paxtial Arts

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American Kinetica Pioneers

Top Left to right: Ed Parker, Jr., Jeremy Rose, Andrew Pilch, Tom Baker, Jr., John Baker, Cory Martin
Bottom Left to right: Santigo Hernandez, Les Edwards, Cynthia Graham, Corwin Chavez, Kevin Wong

Las Vegas, NV, The much anticipated American Kinetica(tm) Level 1 Instructor Certification took place over two full days Feb. 19-20 at Cory Martin’s ATA Black Belt Academy. Lead by American Kinetica founder Ed Parker, Jr. and contributor Cynthia Graham, nine instructors were certified to teach American Kinetica – Level 1.

More about American Kinetica: The goal of Kinetica is to provide an alternative study of self defense. Based upon simple engineering principles and an understanding of human kinetics. So one can explore and execute an interaction with an opponent where the results are to defuse the energy of the attitude, movement and intent in a spontaneous physical interaction.

We are introducing an alternative self-defense choice with Kinetica, providing such a choice to bridge the gap between ┬áverbal judo and combat. To see the value in this concept we must further define the types of physical confrontations that fit in an alternative self-defense response. To name but a few, these confrontations include: A drunken friend or family member; a school bully who might push, hit or restrain; or legal concerns about responding with physical violence to resolve the situation. Kinetica is a self-defense formula. However, it is not a style of Martial Arts, but rather a new category developed to provide a passive solution towards an aggressive outburst, the Paxtial Arts (peaceful arts). Kinetica’s primary focus is to establish a win/win outcome – where the fighting arts or aggressive physical philosophy is a win / lose outcome.

For more information about American Kinetica and to become a Certified American Kinetica
Instructor please contact us at or call us at 858-367-8718.

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