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Iain Abernethy – Traditional Based Advisor

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Iain Abernethy Beginning his training in karate under Doug James 7th Dan; who was in turn a student of Toru Takamizawa, Iain Abernethy earned his first black belt at the age of seventeen.

Iain received his rank of 5th dan from Peter Consterdine, 8th Dan and Geoff Thompson, 6th dan, the chief instructors of the British Combat Association in 2004, with whom Iain trained extensively. The British Combat Association is one of the world’s leading groups for practical martial arts, close-quarter combat, and self-protection. Iain is one of the few people to hold the BCA’s highest rank of “Coach”.

In 2005, the English Karate Governing Body also awarded a separate 5th dan to Iain. Iain holds a unique position in British martial arts because of his ability to seamlessly join “traditional” and “reality based” arts. Iain is a member of the “Combat Hall of Fame” and he regularly writes for the UK’s leading martial arts magazines.

Iain believes that karate should be a holistic, civilian, self-protection system. Iain strongly supports the idea that the traditional kata of karate were created to record such a self-protection system. Through years of study, Iain has developed a four stage approach to “unlocking” the self protection techniques in “solo kata” and he has taken that information into the live application of kata techniques and principles in what Iain calls “Kata-Based-Sparring” or “KBS”. KBS is a training method that utilises the techniques and principles of kata in a live and contested way that has genuine relevance to civilian self-protection. Iain’s approach is easy to adopt and he travels the globe teaching seminars so that others can expand aspects of what they currently practice.

Iain’s first book, Karate’s Grappling Methods was published in 2000 and at the time of writing this biography, the book is on its fifth reprint. In 2002, Iain wrote Bunaki-Jutsu: The Practical Application of Karate Kata. “Throws for Strikers: The forgotten throws of karate, boxing and taekwondo” was written in 2003. “Arm-Locks for All Styles” was published in 2004. In 2005 Iain wrote a more main stream book, “Mental Strength: Condition your mind ¬†Achieve your goals about personal development.” Written for the general public, the book’s philosophy was rooted in the martial arts. Iain has also produced DVDs on the combative applications of the traditional forms and applied karate. In 2007 he produced the first fully interactive solo training DVD called “Iain Abernethy’s Martial Arts Fitness Drills: Solo Trianing”.

In 2003 Iain launched his website, The site has grown over the years into a popular source of free information with thousands of page hits a day. The website also features Iain’s monthly applied karate podcasts which have the maximum popularity rating on i-tunes. His monthly newsletters also have thousands of subscribers from all over the globe.

Iain lives in the extreme north of England with his wife, two sons and his daughter.

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