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WR MannWR Mann
Reality-Based Training Instructor
Founder and Publisher of

WR Mann is the founder and publisher of, the leading reality-based site on the Internet. He was one of the early advocates of Reality-Based Training, developing one of the first RBT programs before most people even knew what the term meant.

WR started training in martial arts as a child in Europe and continued his quest while living in Asia for several years; studying many of the major systems of Japan, Korea, China and the Philippines. He also practiced fight sports such as: judo, BJJ, boxing, muaythai and fencing.

WR currenly teaches the Realfighting Reality-Based program in Europe, Asia and America. His particular specialty is counter-knife training, with influences derived from James Keating, Raymond Floro, Western fencing, various Filipino styles and his own personal experience.

His unarmed RBT program consists of a unique blend of BJJ, wrestling, boxing, and muaythai, sans the rules; combatives is an integral component as well. WR still trains in mixed martial arts under John Danaher (at Renzo Gracie’s).

During the day WR runs an architectural design & brand consultancy in NYC. He can be reached at:

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