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Kim, Jimmy

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Jimmy KimJimmy Kim is a Taekwondo practitioner who was 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist. He has 39 Years Experience in the martial arts and is a 6th Dan Black Belt.

Master Kim is the

  • USOC Award Winning Coach
  • USAT Assistant National Coach
  • Program Director/Head Coach of USAT National Sport Poomsae program
  • Head Coach

He has been the Promoter and Tournament Director of the Jimmy Kim Invitational Taekwondo Chanpionship for over 20 years and the Jimmy Kim Invitational (JKI) is one of the largest and most-well established Taekwondo tournaments in the nation.

Jimmy Kim is a UC Berkeley Graduate and is currently a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine as well as the owner of Jimmy Kim’s Taekwondo Center in Laguna Niguel, California..

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