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Categories For Styles

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Martial Arts ClassOn World Wide Dojo we categorized our styles into 4 different categories. Below you can read the definition for these categories and then we have a list of styles that we have categorized for your reference.


  1. Grappling/Ground Fighting
    Styles “focusing on ground training where a dominant position is achieved or a submission hold ends the fight.”
  2. Striking/Stand-Up
    Styles “focusing on striking or stand-up martial arts that train for defense while standing using punches, kicks, knees, elbows and blocks.”
  3. Throwing/Takedown
    Styles “focusing on throwing or takedown martial arts which start from a standing position and then use takedowns and throws to put the opponent on the ground.”
  4. Weapons
    Styles “focusing on the use of weapons.”


  • Aikijujutsu – Throwing or Takedown Style
  • Bando – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Bersilat – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Boxing – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu -Grappling or Ground Fighting Style
  • Capoeira – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Catch Wrestling – Grappling or Ground Fighting Style
  • Hapkido – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Hwa Rang Do – Grappling or Ground Fighting Style
  • Iaido – Weapons Based Style
  • Jeet Kune Do – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Judo – Throwing or Takedown Style
  • Jujutsu -Throwing or Takedown Style
  • Kalaripayit – Striking or Stand-Up Styles & Weapons Based Style
  • Kali – Weapons Based Style
  • Karate -Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Kendo – Weapons Based Style
  • Kenpo – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Kickboxing – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Kuk Sool – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Lima Lama – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Lua – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Muay Thai – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Ninjutsu – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Pankration – Striking or Stand-Up Styles & Grappling or Ground Fighting Style
  • Pentjak Silat -Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Sambo – Grappling or Ground Fighting Style
  • Savate – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Shootfighting – Grappling or Ground Fighting Style
  • Shootwrestling – Grappling or Ground Fighting Style
  • Sumo – Throwing or Takedown Style
  • Taekwondo – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Tang Soo Do – Striking or Stand-Up Style
  • Wrestling – Grappling or Ground Fighting Style
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