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Bill Ryusaki

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Bill Ryusaki

Bill Ryusaki Hawaiian Kenpo Karate

Bill Ryusaki is the founder of Hawaiian Kenpo Karate. During his years as a martial arts instructor Master Bill Ryusaki has trained some of the world’s best fighters including the famous Urquediz family.

As a youngster living in Hawaii, Bill Ryusaki and his brothers were forced to study Shotokan karate. “I have 7 brothers, and my father was our teacher, Master Bill Ryusaki said. “He taught us Shotokan karate and Kodokan judo. Training was not an option, it was something he made us do every day.”

Years later while in college Bill Ryusaki got into a fight with several Samoan’s who beat him up, despite his Shotokan training. It was then that he began searching for ways to improve upon his traditional karate techniques.

“I started working with Mariano Tiwanak, a famous Hawaiian boxer who also trained in Kenpo karate, explained Master Bill Ryusaki. “That was my introduction to Kenpo”.

Following college Bill Ryusaki moved to California where he met and trained with and taught for Ed Parker, John Leione and Edwin Tibayan. While maintaining his father’s roots in Shotokan, Bill began incorporating elements of Kenpo and Judo into his own style of fighting, which eventually became known as Hawaiian Kenpo.

During the 70’s & 80’s Master Bill Ryusaki had karate fighting teams that were virtually unstoppable. Today Bill Ryusaki continues to train and teach his unique style of martial arts. With more than 200 schools worldwide his students continue along the path Bill paved decades earlier.

“We are Kenpo at heart, however, we are always evolving and accept any style into our system,” Says Master Bill Ryusaki.

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