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Using World Wide DojoWorld Wide Dojo is not your typical web site. It is actuallymade up of different web sites, a site for each category, Traditional Base, Sport Based, Reality Based, Restricted, Entertainment and of course our International Site. Most of the time, you will find authors articles in their own countries, writing in their own languages, but if the article is translated into English, it will be found on the English site in the correct category. The international site, Commonwealth, will have articles in English from our authors in Commonwealth countries. If you speak English, don’t miss out on reading the Commonwealth articles. When you click on an article you will be taken to the first paragraph of the article. To read the full article, simply click on the title of the article.

On the Home site of World Wide Dojo, you will find more general articles covering such topics as getting started in the martial arts, how to find the right martial art to study, how to find the right school and instructor for you, as well as general style information so you can understand the difference in the styles when your are deciding what art to study. Here you will also find articles under the heading of “In My Opinion” that discuss health issues and many other topics of interest to martial artists and others. On the home site you will also find reference information such as a dictionary of martial arts terms, lists of martial arts magazines and books that you may want to buy and read to help you in your journey to learn more about martial arts.

Besides the home site of World Wide Dojo, we also have our Traditional Based site, and our Sport Based site that will provide information, articles, interviews etc. specific to those areas of the arts.

Our Reality Based and Restricted sites provide information, articles, interviews etc. specific to reality based systems that best prepare people to survive today’s modern conflicts including harassment, intimidation, and minor injury assault as well as violent crime, terrorism, and warfare. The Reality Based site is open to all, the World Wide Dojo Restricted site is only for Reality-Based professionals, both active and reserve, serving in law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, and military organizations. This site specifically addresses the self-defense needs of this professional community.

Our sixth web site, Entertainment, includes articles about working in the entertainment industry as actors and stuntpersons as well as interviews with those who work in the industry. Our Entertainment site will also include information about martial arts movies, past, present and future and interviews and articles about those movies, the people who make them, and the martial artists who star in them.

Our seventh site is our International site, and it is broken into sections with information, articles, interviews etc. in many different languages.

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