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CrossFit Training Abuse

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Crossfit AbuseAny exercise program is open to abuse by trainers who are unaccredited, participants who do not follow good technique, or fanatics who deliberately push themselves to injury and beyond, where the goal seems to no longer be pushing themselves but competing with a gung-ho mentality.

And CrossFit, a program where people squat, kettle-bell and high-intensity interval train their way to fitness during timed workouts is perhaps more open to this abuse by virtue of the fact it has a huge following. The ‘military style’ training program seems conductive to a more hardcore mentality, which can be a recipe for injury and unsafe form.

But you would think any brand, including CrossFit, would distance itself from unsafe practises. And with so many female participants, CrossFit would surely avoid anything that smacks of female degradation. Instead, it has firmly sided itself with the extremists and unsafe trainers through a recent marketing video that encourages people – specifically women – to work out until their bodies literally break. Not only that, but the video for the Reebok CrossFit games makes a mockery of a treatable but potentially devastating women’s health condition.

It’s bad enough that the video reeks of soft-porn spreads in lads mags with its ‘Watch these women go so hard that they pee’ message. The choice of background music and quotes like ‘I get wet during workouts’ and ‘We’re just putting-out’ adds to the sleazy feel. The interviewer then creates a bogus health term – Exercise Induced Urinary Leakage – to describe what is actually called Stress Urinary Incontinence; a serious health issue that the Australian Physiotherapy Association [APA] says affects 5 million Australians. The video quotes a gynecologist and also shows demeaning footage of a woman cleaning up after herself.

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